New Summer – Orchard Oasis Summer Adventures

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At Children’s Orchard Academy, we believe that summer should be a time of exploration, creativity, and pure enjoyment for your child. Our summer program is carefully designed to combine the joys of play with enriching activities that align with our school year curriculum. We offer a wide range of age-appropriate activities to cater to children from the age of 2-12!.


  • Art: Two-year-olds will dive into hands-on art activities using safe and age-appropriate materials. These activities are all about having fun while developing fine motor skills, exploring colors, and letting their creativity shine.
  • Music: Music sessions are interactive and exciting, introducing children to basic rhythms, melodies, and musical instruments like drums, shakers, and tambourines. It’s a lively way to explore the world of music.
  • Movement: Toddlers are all about movement! They’ll participate in activities that encourage them to dance, stretch, and try out basic yoga poses. It’s a time for them to wiggle and groove.
  • Social: Social development is key at this age. Children will enjoy group play, sharing, and learning to take turns—all while engaging in activities that make language development a blast, like storytelling and conversations.
  • STEM: STEM activities for 2-year-olds are all about hands-on exploration. They’ll have a blast with simple experiments and observations that spark their curiosity and introduce them to basic scientific concepts, like watching how water can change from a liquid to ice.


Art: Three-year-olds will dive into creative art projects that encourage self-expression and, of course, lots of fun. They’ll explore various art mediums and techniques, giving their imaginations free rein.

Music: Music sessions become even more engaging as children explore rhythms, tempo, and basic note recognition. They may even get to experiment with musical instruments like xylophones—making learning music a playful adventure.

  • Movement: Building on their love for movement, 3-year-olds will engage in structured activities like dancing to music, conquering obstacle courses, and playing simple games that boost their coordination.
  • Social: Group activities are all about teamwork, problem-solving, and, most importantly, having a great time together. They’ll dive into storytelling and creative role-play activities to foster language development and imaginative play.
  • STEM: STEM exploration is hands-on and exciting. Through simple experiments and observations, like planting seeds and watching plants grow, they’ll satisfy their curiosity and start embracing basic scientific concepts.


  • Art: Four-year-olds are ready for more advanced art projects that let their creativity shine. They’ll explore various techniques and mediums, and even engage in collaborative art projects that teach them to work together while having fun.
  • Music: Music sessions become more structured, introducing complex musical concepts and the joy of playing musical instruments like keyboards. Basic music notation might also make its debut in their musical journey.
  • Movement: Physical activities become more structured, including basic yoga poses, team sports, and dancing to various rhythms. It’s all about staying active and enjoying movement in a playful way.
  • Social: Group activities focus on teamwork, communication, and conflict resolution—all while sparking their imaginations with storytelling and creative drama. It’s a perfect blend of fun and learning.
  • STEM: STEM activities for 4-year-olds involve hands-on experiments and challenges that encourage them to solve problems while having a blast. They might even explore simple engineering concepts through creative projects.

School Age:

  • Art: Older children will explore intricate art projects that combine creativity with skill. They’ll get the chance to paint, sculpt, and craft, and these projects may connect with specific themes or cultural explorations.
  • Music: Music education deepens, potentially including learning to play simple tunes on instruments like recorders or ukuleles. They may even try their hand at composing basic melodies—an exciting step in their musical journey.
  • Movement: Physical activities are tailored to their interests and abilities, which might include team sports, learning dance routines, and structured fitness challenges. It’s all about staying active and having fun.
  • Social: Older children engage in group discussions, debates, and collaborative projects that promote critical thinking and effective communication. They’ll learn and grow while enjoying the company of their peers.
  • STEM: STEM activities become more advanced and hands-on, possibly involving coding, robotics, and complex experiments. Field trips and guest speakers may also be part of their STEM adventures, making learning even more exciting.

Throughout the summer program, we prioritize safety, creativity, and an engaging learning experience for all age groups, ensuring that every child enjoys a well-rounded, memorable, and playful summer camp adventure at Children’s Orchard Academy.