Before and After-School Enrichment at God’s World

At Children’s Orchard Academy, we understand the importance of providing a secure and enjoyable environment for students both before and after school hours. Our “God’s World” program is designed to offer this safe haven where children can thrive, explore, and grow in a nurturing setting.

Child-Led, God-Inspired:

Our foundation for the “God’s World” program is simple yet profound: “Child-Led, God-Inspired.” This philosophy emphasizes that when you enroll your child in Children’s Orchard Academy’s extended hours program, they will embark on a journey of exploration through our six pillars of study for God’s World.

The Six Pillars of Study for God’s World:

  1. Science: Through hands-on experiments and discoveries, children delve into the wonders of the natural world. They develop an inquisitive mind and an appreciation for the beauty and complexity of creation.
  2. Engineering: Creative problem-solving and engineering activities ignite young minds. Children explore how to build, design, and innovate, nurturing their critical thinking skills.
  3. Social Studies: Our students learn about diverse cultures, communities, and historical events, fostering an understanding of the world’s rich tapestry and the importance of global citizenship.
  4. Worship: The program also nurtures spiritual growth through worship, where children have the opportunity to deepen their connection with faith and values.
  5. Reading: Reading is not just a skill but a gateway to imagination and knowledge. Children engage in reading activities that ignite their love for literature and storytelling.
  6. Journaling: Journaling allows children to express their thoughts, feelings, and ideas. It’s a valuable tool for self-reflection and creative expression.

Social Development:

In the “God’s World” program, we emphasize the significance of social development. Children have the opportunity to work collaboratively, enhancing their teamwork and communication skills. It’s a vital time for them to learn how to navigate social interactions positively.

Critical Thinking and Creativity:

Through various activities, our students are encouraged to think critically and explore their creativity. Whether it’s through solving problems, crafting, or engaging in imaginative play, they have the freedom to let their creativity flow.


The “God’s World” program at Children’s Orchard Academy offers much more than childcare; it provides an enriching, holistic experience for children. It is a place where they can explore the world, nurture their faith, build strong social connections, and cultivate their intellectual and creative potential. We welcome not only children enrolled in Orchard but also those aged 5-12 from other schools to be part of this exceptional program that empowers young minds to thrive in God’s world.