Kindergarten: A Solid Start to a Bright Future

At Children’s Orchard Academy, our Kindergarten program is where the journey to academic excellence truly begins. We offer two distinct Kindergarten programs—one for 4-year-olds and another for 5-year-olds—each tailored to meet the unique developmental needs of your child. Our nationally accredited program sets a high standard for early education, ensuring that students not only excel academically but also develop a strong foundation of values and character.

Advanced Academic Learning for 4-Year-Olds:

Our Kindergarten for 4-year-olds is where your child’s academic journey takes off. We believe in introducing standard Kindergarten concepts at an earlier age, giving your child a head start in their educational path. Here’s what your child will experience in this advanced program:

    • Nationally Accredited Curriculum: Our curriculum is nationally accredited, meaning it meets rigorous educational standards that set your child up for success.
    • Early Exposure: We expose students to Kindergarten-level content, providing them with a solid academic foundation.
    • Biblical Life Lessons: Faith and character development are core components of our program. Through Biblical life lessons, children learn values that guide them through life.
    • Math: Students delve into mathematical concepts, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
    • Science: Our young scientists explore the wonders of the natural world, nurturing their curiosity and scientific inquiry.
    • Social Studies: Students embark on journeys through history, geography, and social issues, gaining a broader perspective on the world.
    • Reading and Writing: Literacy is a top priority. We encourage a love for reading and provide the tools to express ideas through writing.
    • Cultural Appreciation: We foster an appreciation for diverse cultures, promoting understanding and empathy.

    Building Upon K4 for 5-Year-Olds:

    Our Kindergarten for 5-year-olds builds upon the foundation laid in our K4 program. This program is designed to not only continue academic advancement but to further set your child apart in readiness for future endeavors. Here’s what distinguishes our K5 program:

    Academic Excellence: Our goal is for students to graduate from our K5 program academically ahead of their peers. We provide a challenging and enriching curriculum that ensures they excel.

    •  Comprehensive Subjects: Your child will continue to explore a wide range of subjects, including Biblical life lessons, math, science, social studies, reading, writing, cultural appreciation, and more.
    •  Preparation for the Future: We believe that a strong foundation in Kindergarten paves the way for future success. Our K5 program prepares students not only academically but also socially and emotionally for what lies ahead.

    A Future of Success Begins Here:

    At Children’s Orchard Academy, we view Kindergarten as the cornerstone of a child’s educational journey. It’s a time when young minds are molded, and values are instilled. Our dedicated educators are committed to guiding your child through this crucial phase, ensuring they not only meet but exceed academic standards. Our Kindergarten programs are designed to set your child up for a future filled with academic achievements and personal growth. Join us in this exciting adventure called Kindergarten, where the path to success begins!